Thursday, April 15, 2010

sole support

I am a serial Old Navy flip flop girl. From early June until around the end of September, they're pretty much all I wear. I think I currently own them in seven different colours.

But Husband has put his own flip-flop-wearing foot down about my shoe situation. Even beyond my sandals, most of my shoes are flats. Flat flats. No arch support. No support of any kind, really. And that's just not going to work when I'm carrying around an extra person with me all summer.

Luckily, since this was Husband's brilliant idea, he's willing to foot the bill (pun totally intended) for me to get some supportive shoes. Hooray for shopping with someone else's money!

I started by looking at the sandals that a few of my lovely friends swear by — the Birkenstock.As much as I know these babies would feel amazing, they're not terribly versatile when it comes to all of my work and play needs. And for nearly $150, I think they'd be my 24/7 choice. I can't help but think that there must be other alternatives out there for a little bit cheaper?

But I have no idea where to start. Can anyone suggest Canadian brands or stores for supportive, attractive shoes and sandals? Clarks? Ecco? Hush Puppies?


  1. I have a pair of Tevas, and I love them -- so comfortable, but they have kinds that are a bit dressier than a Birkenstock (and they're much less expensive):

  2. Where did you buy them, Heather? Sadly, when I went to the site and selected Canada as my country, the price jacked from $70 to $100.

  3. And the Canadian $ is worth more than the US $!!!!!

  4. I fully support this idea...way to go Husband!