Wednesday, July 21, 2010

re-do a re-do

Remember this makeover?

This reno'd message board sat in my now-defunct Etsy shop, unloved, and once I decided to close the store, it then rested, even more unloved, in the back of my closet. It doesn't really match anything in our house, but I didn't want to discard it. Luckily, now it's found new purpose.

I left the blue background, but picked off the yellow ribbon and star decals. Then I added thicker, chocolate brown ribbon.

But the two strips of ribbon didn't seem like enough, so I added some more.

Followed by a few upholstery tacks leftover from another project.

Ta da! And now it resides in the perfect space on Baby Boy's nursery wall ...

Now all it needs are some baby photos of me and Husband!

More nursery reveal to come soon!


  1. A picture of Grammie & Grampie Gerard is in order I think :) XX00

  2. This looks quite familiar. :))

  3. It's like the energizer bunny of message boards haha

    And yes, anyone who wants to pose with Baby B is eligible to get their face on the memory board! :)

  4. That looks wonderful! The extra ribbon combined with the tacks made a world of difference!