Tuesday, July 6, 2010

always, sometimes, never

I couldn't resist borrowing this post idea from lovely S at A Laugh is a Smile that Bursts. She made a fun list (and who doesn't love lists?) of things she "always, sometimes or never" does. I started to write this one myself, but then thought it might make an interesting guest post by Husband ...

Wife always:
- Makes plans and keeps my schedule in order.
- Falls asleep first.
- Leaves her wet shower towel on the bed.
- Makes the best sandwiches.

Wife sometimes:
- Lets me play golf.
- Remembers to water her plants.
- Doesn't stop talking.

Wife never:
- Remembers to floss (I always have to remind her make her do it).
- Gets up after one snooze (or three).
- Remembers to put the lens cap back on the camera.

And to make it fair ... I think I'll give it a go too ...

Husband always:
- Rubs my feet or my back, even when I don't ask.
- Gets up early to feed the kitties.
- Will move heaven and Earth for the chance to golf.
- Falls asleep while reading at night and then complains the next night because he can't remember what's going on in the plot.

Husband sometimes:
- Does all the chores on his to-do list. He sometimes usually misses a few.
- Tunes me out completely.
- Blames me for stuff I didn't do (like forgetting to put the lens cap back on the camera).

Husband never:
- Remembers to take his vitamins.
- Forgets to check his fantasy sports.
- Tries new recipes if he thinks I snuck in an ingredient he doesn't like.

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