Tuesday, November 10, 2009

try it tuesday

This week's Try it Tuesday has been ongoing for a couple of months.

In September, my creative partner C and I started a project called Love, Cryndsey .. yes, that is our joined name. Crystal + Lindsey = Cryndsey. Clever, I know.

It started with Postcrossing.com. Here, you create and account and profile, and then the site generates addresses of other PostCrossing members for you to write to. It's pen pals for the 21st century. You write to a different person each time. Then, your address is added to the mix and postcards start coming in, too.

Here are a couple of our cards. Crystal takes our simple Nova Scotian cards and adds a creative twist to the image. I write a note on the back and we send them out.

Here are out stats so far — the cards we've received have come Finland (2), Estonia and China. We've sent cards to Germany, China, Lituania, the U.S. and Canada (sometimes we send cards to our own contacts, too).
We also started a Flickr account, chronicling the Cryndsey Postcard Project. Click here to check it out.

So, try it. Reach out to someone. Whether you get the addresses from a site like PostCrossing.com, or you simply take out your own address book and start writing. Take the time to connect with someone; you never know how much it will mean to them, and to you.

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