Sunday, November 15, 2009

trial and error

Remember this candle holder I told you about?

I had a chance to peruse the spray paint aisle at Home Depot this weekend. I picked out a lovely shade of bronze. Ever the voice of reason though, my Mum pointed out that it seemed a little illogical to spend $10 on a can of metallic spray paint to makeover a candle holder that didn't even cost $10 in the first place. Point taken. So I went back to the acrylic paint and sponge brush combo.

I stuck with the dark red, thinking it could become part of my Christmas decor.

Instead, as I continued to paint, the candle holder just looked more and more like it was witness to a very violent crime.

After a tedious crafting session, squishing coat after coat of paint on the wicker, I threw in the sponge brush.

This project earns a fail.


  1. A for effort! So frustrating when a project doesn't work though...

  2. Aw, it was worth a shot! I'm sorry it didn't come out the way you wanted, though.

  3. Ooh, yeah, that is one of those situations where spray paint is the only way to get in those stupid crevasses -- but I totally understand not wanting to spend so much $$ on something that was so cheap to begin with.

  4. Even though the paint didn't work, it might still be worth the $10 to having something usable instead of a throw away... Don't give up on it yet!

  5. Ohhh that looks totally frustrating and tricky! At least you gave it a go. You *could* try spray paint...maybe it'll come on sale, or someone can let you have their leftover spray paint for free. Solid effort for sure! ;)

  6. I'm not totally sure I was in love with the colour anyway .. oh well!