Thursday, November 26, 2009

colour me festive

When it comes to Christmas decor, I'm a purist — it's red and green, gold and silver the whole way.

This is last year's tree. See why I wasn't in love with it? A little sparse.

I've never been able to stray from the traditional colours. In our home, we also celebrate the Baha'i holiday Ayyam-i-ha in February, so we use blue and silver as our primary colours for that time of year.

Blue I can handle. What about pink? I think my lovely friend HH would like some of these ...

Or maybe you use a no holds barred approach when it comes to festive decor?

When it comes to Christmas decor, are you a traditionalist or does anything go?


  1. I DO love those pink Christmas ornaments! On our tree, we also stick with red, green, gold and silver, but I really like the multi-coloured ornaments in your last photo -- I would totally buy those if I saw them. I think there are enough traditional Christmas colours in them to make them work.

  2. I love your colors! Happy Thanksgiving :)

  3. I enjoy traditional red, green and gold colors. My mom used to have color schemes growing up which I really didn't enjoy, aka rose/burgundy. Finally she's gone back to the traditional Christmas colors. I like ornaments that have stories behind them, or old ones from when we were growing up. I used to think that I wanted a nice, coordinated tree in my house (when I get one) and a tree that has lots of color lights, old decorations of all different colors.