Saturday, April 4, 2009

the moment of truth

And it all comes down to this ...

It's Final Four night in March Madness world, and in our living room, it's the moment of truth. If UNC loses against Villanova, Husband will be victorious in the great 2009 NCAA basketball challenge — which leaves me taking out the trash and recycling for the next month. But, if my dearest Tar Heels pull through, we will remain tied and it will come down to the final game on Monday night — when, if the Tar Heels take home the title, husband will find himself with a month of pooper scooper duty.

Stay tuned ... (UNC! UNC! UNC!)


  1. Ummm... it's really like you're speaking a different language. Basketball? Not sure that I've ever heard of it. But if you tell me I need to cheer for the Tar-Heels, then no problem! :)

    I stopped by to welcome you to SITS!

  2. Oh, I hope you get out of trash duty! Fun post!!

    A new SITSer, yippee! Welcome! Come on over to my blog and check out my monogram bag giveaway..... :D

  3. Who won? Who won? Who won??? Does Hubby have to scoop???

  4. I'm cheering for your team! Good luck and hi from SITS!

  5. UNC won, so it comes down to the final game on Monday night — Ooo the suspense! Yikes!

  6. That was a booty kicking by UNC!!!

    Dropping by from SITS to welcom you to the SITStahood!