Monday, April 27, 2009

tv in the bedroom: a do or a don't?

I'm sure most marriage counsellors would say it's a big faux pas to have a television in the master bedroom. I've had a television in my room for years, and when husband and I got a shared apartment, we decided to keep it. 

For us, the television in the bedroom is merely for convenience. Usually, if we're heading to bed, we don't turn on the TV. But if there's a special show or a late movie on and we'd rather be laying in bed than laying on the couch, we'll flip it on. That said, we use it so little that we're starting to think it's just a waste of space and money — we pay $4 a month for the extra digital cable box.

[If we had a wall-mounted flat screen, I may be singing a different tune.]

And since we're on a money-saving kick — yes, I know it's only $4 a month — I'm thinking we should stash the set in the closet, and maybe re-visit the topic when we have a sprawling master bedroom with it's own special TV nook [a girl can dream, can't she?].

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What do you think? TV in the bedroom — a do or a don't?


  1. I'm single, so having a TV in the bedroom is just convenience with no incumbrance. If I was married, I'd probably nix it, though. Hard to say...the only reason I really do now is because we have two television sets!

  2. I am SO against TVs in the bedroom. We have one there, but it only gets turned on when I get up early on the weekend and Hubby lies in bed until noon. I think I might stash ours in the closet, too.