Wednesday, April 22, 2009

reduce reuse recycle

What can you do? Lots! Here are a few ways Husband and I care for our environment:

- We donate gently-used clothing to our local Boys and Girls Club, so rather than adding to the landfill, the items we don't wear anymore go to good use.

- Turn off the water while we're brushing our teeth. Sometimes this is a tough one to remember, especially if you live in an apartment building like ours where we don't have to pay for water consumption. 

- Saving food. We never throw out our leftovers and often have suppers we affectionately refer to as "hodge podge" when we finish up a variety of leftovers and odds and ends in the fridge. 

- Using reusable containers, instead of cling wrap or baggies. Next time you're eating lunch at the office, look around and see how many plastic sandwich bags end up in the garbage ... on a daily basis!

- We try to drink coffee in our travel mugs as often as possible, instead of buying it in disposable paper cups.

Earth Day is the perfect reminder of what we should strive for on the other 364 days of the year. What do you do to protect Mother Earth?


  1. Wow, I do all of those things, but I never considered myself very Earth-friendly. I guess I'm Greener than I thought ... even though I can't bring myself to recycle.

  2. It's especially hard to recycle when you're apartment building — if you live in one — doesn't have an efficient recycling program. I look forward to being able to compost properly when we have a house, too.