Sunday, July 3, 2011

resolutions revisited

1. Drink more water. I could say I'm doing this, but I'm not. Does coffee count?

2. Run a 5k race. Not yet, but definitely will. I swear. Really.

3. Save more money. Or spend less money. I started out with this goal by preparing a detailed monthly budget for Husband and I to track our spending. It worked for a while, but then we got lazy about it. Now that I'm working again, our finances have changed, so this is a great reminder to adjust the budget and keep working at it for the next six months.

4. Correspond with friends and family more often via snail mail. I did this a bit, but definitely not as often as I'd like. Can I blame it on the mail strike? Luckily, I already have a few stamped cards ready to be dropped in the mailbox.

5. Write in Baby J's journal more often and keep his scrapbook up to date. Oh man, this is just getting depressing. Have I accomplished anything in the first six months of the year? I haven't event touched this one.

6. Read 26 books. Fail. Fail. Fail.

7. Be adventurous in the kitchen. Make recipes I've been too afraid (or lazy) to try. Experiment with new ingredients. OK, I think I'm doing well with this one. I even tried some new muffins today. I've also made a few new salads, baked some tofu and enjoyed some tasty desserts.

8. Focus on the amazing joys in my life and make a serious effort to keep all kinds of stress at bay. Ah, my favourite resolution. This is such a great reminder. Deep breath in ... and out.

Just like all those people out there who hit the gym in January, never to return, I am really slacking on my resolutions. What have you been avoiding/forgetting on your to do list lately?

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