Monday, July 18, 2011

cook's question

You know when you Google for a recipe and about half a million hits come up with all kinds of ideas? How do you know which to choose? Sites like and allow users to upload their own recipes. This makes me think of a potluck where you don't necessarily know all of the people/their cooking habits/the cleanliness of their kitchens/what kinds of ingredients they'd use. Can you really trust these kinds of recipes? I usually trust or, since they're compiled by chefs and the like, but often these recipes include little bits of weird ingredients and I don't want to have to go out to buy a $8 jar of spice/herbs/magic ingredient just to use a quarter teaspoon. So then I end up substituting ingredients and I can never be 100% sure what the original recipe would've really tasted like. That, and I rarely think to record my adjustments, so next time the recipe won't be the same. And I know, you're saying, "Be more organized! Write crap down! Use that adorable cook's journal that your sweet Grammie gave you for Christmas two years ago that is perfect for these exact scenarios!" Are you kidding? If I remember to bring my cellphone, wallet and office key card with me to work five days a week, then I think I deserve an award.

So my question is this, which websites do you trust for dependable recipes?


  1. read what other cooks have to say about the recipe and adjustments that they may have made (which really makes it a new recipe in a lot of cases) and then I do what I think sounds the best. Most recipes on this site use stuff that is already in the cupboard/fridge. XXOO

  2. Hey Linds,
    I like people's blogs with recipes on them-these are a couple I tend to lean towards when looking for something to eat-pics are always helpful when trying to figure out a specific thing you might be interested in eating.
    Also if I know there is something I want but am not sure how to make it, I'll look at several of the 1000's google brings up and sort of amalgamate them into my own with the ingredients I have on hand.

  3. I know I've mentioned it to you in person, but I like Canadian Living for recipes. Both the website and the magazine. Also Kraft Canada, ditto for the magazine and website... although I find a lot of their recipes to be really heavy (read: fatty) so I try to lighten them up. I also the Weight Watchers website. They have a feature like on the Kraft website that you can enter a few ingredients and it comes up with a recipe for you. In case all you have in your cupboards is jicama, natto and chocolate chips.

    For baby food I use