Wednesday, May 18, 2011

growing by the minute: 8 months

Vital stats: When we visited the doctor a little over a month ago, Jacob was 20.5 lbs. and 28.5 inches. Now, he's presumably a little big bigger and a little bit longer. We'll be visiting the doctor for a nine-month check up, so we'll have a more scientific answer to this question next month.

Milestones & firsts: While he's not completely crawling yet, Jacob is doing so well at moving around. I set him down on his play mats in the middle of the living room, turn my back for a minute, and all of a sudden he's half-way across the room. His newest trick is going from laying down to sitting up all on his own. A couple nights ago, I heard him stirring through the video monitor, and when I looked at the screen, he was sitting up in his crib. Just chillin'.

Jacob and I spent an entire day apart this month, and he spent nearly 14 consecutive hours just with his Dada. They had a ball together. I missed my little booger like crazy, but it was so great to see how well my boys got along without me.

We celebrated my first mother's day with a trip to a nearby playground where Jacob got to swing and slide for the first time!

Teeth: Two! The first little tooth officially emerged on the day he turned seven months, and the second one followed a couple weeks later.

Speech: He finally learned to say Mama! Hooray! While the Ma Ma Mas that he babbles are exciting for me, I don't think he's really saying it to me yet. Da da on the other hand ... he definitely knows who that guy is.

Zzzzzzz: Aside from a few long nights here and there while cutting those adorable little teeth, our sleep schedule is right on track. Jacob usually goes to bed for the night between 7:00 and 7:30, and wakes for the day about 12 hours later. This usually includes one night feeding, but occasionally he skips it. It was tough for Husband and I, but sticking to a routine with our own customized sleep training method was well worth it. In the end, we were able to gently teach him to go to bed awake and fall asleep on his own for naps and at night.

Om nom nom: Meal times are pretty entertaining around here. We love giving Jacob new things to try. Among his newest faves are yogurt, cooked carrots (not pureed), Cheerios, whole grain pancakes, hard boiled egg yolks, watermelon and ham. Among his dislikes are cauliflower pureed with garlic and pureed cantaloupe.

Likes & dislikes: Jacob loves our new jogger stroller, which allows him to sit up and be a "nosy Ned" (as his Grammie likes to call him).

He doesn't like to lay down in the bath anymore; he wants to sit up so he can splash and play. We got some blue tropical fish grippies for the bottom of the tub to help his little nekked butt from sliding all over the place.

Challenges: Screaming. Screeching. Shrieking. Whatever you want to call it, it shakes you to your very core. I'm not kidding. Jacob has learned to assert his voice in the worst-sounding-way possible. We're trying to say "No" and "Shh" every time he belts it out, and give him encouragement when he uses his indoor voice, but he hasn't quite mastered the volume situation yet.

Special moments: Each morning, Jacob and I start the day with quiet time in his room. He babbles and talks, we snuggle in his chair and we play little games that feel like little inside jokes between us.

I love the way Jacob's face lights up with Dada comes in the door after work. The look on Husband's face is priceless, too. They are so happy to see each other; it melts my heart.


  1. Sounds like Jacob is in a really fun stage right now. That's amazing that he sleeps that long every night!

  2. What did you do to get Jacob to fall asleep on his own for naps?