Wednesday, June 16, 2010

what a cin

When I saw this Our Best Bites cinnamon bun recipe, I couldn't resist. They looked so delicious.

I think the best part of the recipe was this little tip. Even if you use the sharpest knife you own to cut the cinnamon log into little cinnamon rolls, they inevitably get squished. Instead, try this — score the log with a piece of dental floss so it is divided into 12 equal pieces.

Wrap the floss around the roll and pull tight at each score mark. The floss slices through perfectly. Why didn't I think of that?

And this was my first try at homemade icing, too:

Here is the final product from Our Best Bites:

This is what mine looked like before they went in the oven:

Nice, right?

I'll spare you the finished version. Not so awesome.

Something weird definitely happened here. I think it was the yeast. Even though it hadn't passed the expiration date, the buns didn't really raise as much as I thought they should've and the result were dense, doughy rolls. Also, the combination of the butter-sugar-cinnamon mixture and the gooey icing basically drowned the buns in liquid sugar, which wasn't so bad when we sampled the first ones fresh from the oven, but they turned into glorified sugar cubes once they were cool.

I'm so stubborn curious about why this happened. I'm sure it's not the recipe's fault. I'm picking up some fresh yeast and trying this one again.

Help me feel better? Tell me about one of your recent recipe fails.

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  1. That is such a great idea to use the floss to mark the cinnamon buns!