Tuesday, June 8, 2010

30 things

The middle of June is sneaking up on us and I nearly faint every time I look at the calendar for the coming months. Husband and I have only three free weekends between now and the time Baby Boy will make his arrival in early September. Where does the time go?

Even though our schedule is jam-packed (all fun things, I should add, like weddings, baby showers and visiting), here are 30 things I plan to do this summer:

1. Celebrate the wedding of friends J & A and stay in a cottage with brother- and sister-in-law B&C.
2. Spend many early Saturdays at the Farmers' Market with Husband.
3. BBQ all the time. We just invested in a barbecue, since this is our first place with outdoor space, which still feels like a huge luxury.

4. Take the time to sit out on our new porch often with a cold drink and a good book.
5. Go to a drive-in movie. I've never been to one before and Husband has been wanting to take me for years.
6. Have at least one more prenatal massage before Baby Boy arrives. Did you know there's a round belly insert that they take out of the table so you can lay on your front? I love it!
7. Have a short, but sweet, visit with lovely friend A for the first time since she moved away in March.
8. Continue our prenatal classes until July 6 in preparation of our upcoming arrival. Read all of our "expecting" books.
9. Have a girls night at our place with lots of yummy food and lovely company.
10. Solve my design dilemmas.
11. Keep playing "Name That Baby" until we finally have a winner.
12. Take in a Joel Plaskett concert with Husband on PEI later this month.
13. Try not to look absolutely ridiculous at an outdoor, rain-or-shine concert with a 7-month pregnant belly.
14. Make a few DIY accents for Baby Boy's room, like these:

15. Start stocking our deep freezer with meals and snacks for our post-birth days.
16. Maintain the little garden I have planted on our front patio. Better wish me luck on this one — it's my first real attempt at outdoor gardening and I'm known to be a bit of a brown thumb.
17. Make many trips to the library to enjoy the wealth of books and movies that are just around the corner.
18. Take many leisurely walks around our new neighbourhood with Husband.
19. Take more pictures. I've let my scrapbooking habit fall by the wayside, but there's no reason why I can't do a better job chronicling all of life's fun moments, even if the photos just end up in a plain album.
20. Take videos! Husband and I recently treated ourselves (thank you, tax refund!) to an HD Flip video camera. It will be perfect to take quick shorts of the babe to send to friends and family.
21. Finish Baby Boy's nursery.
22. Celebrate the wedding of friends R & J in the Valley.
23. Go to many more prenatal yoga classes. I hope I'm still able to attend when I'm 37 or 38 weeks pregnant like some of the lovelies in my class!
24. Spend Canada Day on the boardwalk and enjoy the fireworks.
25. Celebrate the wedding of friends S & N in CB.
26. Make at least a dozen new recipes.
27. Celebrate Baby B's pending arrival with two baby showers, one in CB and one in NB.
28. Spend a week at home in NB visiting family, and lounging by the lake and pool.
29. Go to the beach as much as possible.
30. Read at least one of my lovely classic novels.

This post was written with inspiration from one of Mama Kat's weekly Writer's Prompts.


  1. Thanks for sending the BBQ link. Pete and I looked at it at Home Depot and will definitely be picking one up when we're into the new house :)

    You're going to have a busy summer but it all sounds fun.

    HD flips are the best. Much better than the big bulky camcorders our parents had when we were little!

  2. Sweat! Sweat! Sweat! Just reading your list makes me exhausted. :)))))

  3. You can do it!! xo