Tuesday, May 8, 2012

i'm not giving you my money for free

I'm about to release my inner geek. Actually, it's not really inner, since I just had a 10 minute conversation with a co-worker all about this, and others listened in. It's pretty much public knowledge that I'm a geek, but I'm a money-saving geek. So there.

Yesterday, I made a list of a bunch of groceries we needed at home, and noticed that several items would be more cost effective if purchased at Costco. So, I reviewed the Superstore flyer, wrote down prices, and headed to Costco, determined to get the best deals. Here's what went down (items marked with the * are the ones that I purchased):

*Costco: 4 kg box of frozen chicken breasts - $29.99 ($7.50 per kg)
Superstore: 3 kg box of frozen chicken breasts - $31.99 ($10.66 per kg)
Savings: $12.65

*Costco: 1 litre of coffee cream - $2.59
Superstore: 1 litre of coffee cream - $3.69
Savings: $1.10

*Costco: Folgers coffee (1.39 kg) - $9.99 (on sale for $3 off) ($7.18/kg)
Superstore: Folgers coffee (584 g) - $7.99 ($13.68/kg)
Savings: $9.04 ($6.50/kg)

*Costco: Kirkland marinara sauce (the best ever), 3 one-litre jars - $6.79 ($2.26/litre)
Superstore: Ragu (640 ml) - $2.59 each ($7.77 for 3) ($4.04/litre)
Savings: $5.34 ($1.78/litre)

*Costco: 3 loaves of Ben's Smart bread - $7.39
Superstore: Wonderbread (on sale) - $2.22 ($6.66 for 3)
Deduction: $0.73

*Costco: Kraft parmesan cheese, 500 g - $10.99
Superstore: Kraft parmesan cheese, 250 g - $7.19 ($14.38 for an equal quantity)
Savings: $3.39

*Costco: 4 litre Baxters milk - $5.19
Superstore: 2 litre Baxters milk (SS doesn't carry gallons in Baxters) - $3.99 ($7.98 for equal quantity)
Savings: $2.79

Costco: Eggs (18) - $3.79
*Superstore: Eggs (12) - $2.50 ($3.75 for 18)
Deduction: $0.04

Costco: Cracker Barrell cheese, 1 kg - $10.99
*Superstore: Cracker Barrell cheese, 500 g - $4.44 (I bought two for $8.88)
Savings: $2.11


It pays to pay attention to prices. In this case, I didn't even use coupons. I just made a quick note of the prices of the items on my list, and compared as I shopped. Going to two stores, organized with a list, is just as quick as going to one store without a plan.

Have you scored any great deals lately? Do tell!


  1. Costco 4x6 photo prints are on sale until May 20 for 8 cents apiece (usually 16 cents, which is still an amazing deal). We always get our photos printed there and they do a good job!

    I always make a grocery list after comparing the Sobeys and Superstore flyers and will go to both stores if it makes sense. I hate going to Costco for much more than the photo lab, just because the store aggravates me, but it looks like I need to start shopping there! One thing I almost always buy there is cereal. You can get an enormous box of Special K for about $5 and it's about double the size of the $5 box at the regular grocery store. Oh and Kirkland baby wipes - 900 wipes for $19.99!!

  2. I just got that email about the Costco prints, too, Amy. That is a great deal, especially when you have babies to photograph :)

    There are definitely key times to go to Costco. Going around 4:45 on Tuesday worked well, hardly any wait time. Usually, the after-work hour is pretty good for getting in and out.

    I'm with you on comparing the flyers. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only nerd out there who does it. In Sackville, the locations are so convenient. It's easy to hit both for the best prices.

    Do you use coupons, Amy?