Thursday, November 4, 2010

festive fail

For the first time this year, Husband and I live in a street-level home so we were excited to host trick or treaters. To celebrate the occasion, we invited friends over to make caramel apples and watch a scary movie.

Caramel apples ... simple right?

First, unwrap 100 caramels. Combine with 6 Tbsp. of cream. Microwave until melted.

Stick popsicle sticks into clean, dry apples. Dip in caramel mixture.

Roll in assorted toppings. We used peanuts, crushed Oreos and smarties.

It was all fine and dandy, until we turned on When a Stranger Calls and left the apples on the table.

By the time we came back to eat them, we were dipping the caramel off the tinfoil. Fail.

I was mentioning the flub to my neighbour and she suggested a few tips for next time. Quickly dip the apple in boiling water to get the wax off. Make sure the apples are cold when you put the caramel on.

Have you tried this before? Do you have any other tips?

1 comment:

  1. I think they were still yummy! I quite enjoyed mine. And I'd even consider making these for an "any time" treat and not just for Halloween :)