Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I didn't think motherhood would change me as much as it has. My former control-freak self has relaxed considerably, to my surprise, and here's the proof:
  • My Google Reader has 1,000+ unread items. And that number is growing by the day.
  • It's October, and our summer clothes are still in our closet. It's too cold for shorts and tank tops, but I can't be bothered to do the change over. For now, our closet is exploding with clothes for all seasons.
  • I've checked out library books and returned them without even cracking the covers.
  • New episodes of my favourite shows are collecting dust on my DVR.
  • The cookie jar has been filled with store-bought cookies for weeks and I'm starting to notice that they taste just as good as the homemade ones.
  • I'm slowly learning how to sleep during the day when it's needed.
  • Instead of butting in when friends and family are helping out around the house, I simply say thank you.
A Facebook friend posted this and I'm starting to see how true it really is ...

I hope my child looks back on today,
and remembers a Mum who had time to play.
Cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow,
cause babies grow fast, we learn to our sorrow.
Cobwebs be quiet, dust go to sleep,
I'm cuddling my baby and babies don't keep.


  1. My mom had a framed needlepoint with that rhyme in it hanging on the wall when we were little :) Except I think it was "rocking" instead of "cuddling" but close enough! Hope everyone is adjusting nicely!

  2. Such a good post -- I find myself relaxing in the same ways, and it's totally worth it!