Saturday, September 11, 2010

finally finished

Here's the last piece of the nursery puzzle.

We started with a hand-me-down, dusty rose, swivel armchair. But once we found out that our bambino is a boy, I knew I wanted to cover it to something more boy-ish.

Oddly enough, after searching high and low in stores and online, I couldn't find a slipcover to fit. So I got the closest thing I could find –

It needed to be nipped and tucked from all angles — sides, seat, arms and length. The bottom portion went smoothly, but removing the wings from the wing back was a lot easier said than done.

Halfway through, I actually considered leaving the chair pink, but my Mum convinced me that having a cover to protect the upholstery from baby barf would be a blessing. True. So, here's the finished product.

And now his room is complete. Did you hear that Baby B? Your room is ready for you! You can come out any time ... seriously. Any time!


  1. I think the chair looks fabulous... and I love the pillow you chose :)

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