Thursday, January 28, 2010

try it tuesday: follow-up

The squash casserole was delish! I didn't take a picture because frankly, I find most mushed up casseroles don't look all that appetizing when made in a slow cooker.

Lovely friends A and T came over for the taste test and we all stared in to the pot quite skeptically, but we were hungry enough that it didn't really matter. To my surprise, it was incredibly flavourful, maybe even more-so than the baked version.

To clarify, the squash I used was actually a winter squash, not summer squash. And it was grown by my Grampie Stan, which made it extra tasty. When I try this recipe again, I think I'll use two boxes of Stovetop instead of one. Because I have an oval, three-quart slow cooker, the casserole turned out quite shallow in the dish and the single box of Stovetop barely covered the bottom and the top, as instructed.

This Try it Tuesday gets 5 big stars!


  1. Delish squash casserole! 5 Stars for sure :)
    Thanks for supper!

  2. Sounds yummy! I will have to try it in my slow cooker.