Tuesday, April 10, 2012

winter pinterest challenge

I originally wrote this post a couple weeks ago, but just as I was ready to hit publish, I managed to close it, accidentally losing the whole thing. I'm just now getting over it enough to start again.

Some of my favourite bloggers (like this gal and this gal) have created a fun little Pinterest Challenge, which encourages us to actually try the things we pin. This is a great concept because I am one of those people who pins like mad and rarely follows through.

I decided to try out a Mexican Quinoa Casserole I had pinned, which would work perfectly for our vegetarian family meal swap.

The thing that really makes you go "Mmmm, what is that?" is the grated sweet potato. Mixed with cooked quinoa, black beans, and combined with a sauce of salsa, cheese, egg, and cumin, it makes a delicious combo.

Then, if you're smart like lovely friend A, you'll think to scoop it with nacho chips. Then we got really crazy and filled tortillas with the casserole and grilled them for tasty quinoa burritos. This is really a versatile and super simple supper.

It also appears that, after losing the original version of this post, I also lost the "after" photo of this delicious dish. Take my word for it; it's awesome.

What have you made from Pinterest lately?

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  1. I'm trying the green onion trick - after you've used the green part of your green onion, you can stick the white bulb/rooty part in a bit of water and supposedly new green onions will sprout! I'd also like to try a spring cleaning challenge that's a list of one chore a day for three weeks to get your entire house spring cleaned. I started my cleaning with good intentions but my motivation has kind of burned out. One task a day is doable!