Sunday, January 1, 2012

year in review

We travelled to Cape Breton to celebrate our niece Niamey's first birthday.

We enjoyed a great visit from NB family and friends.
Jacob started using his big boy high chair and eating more solids.

Jacob welcomed buddy Ethan Andrew to the world.
Jacob marked several milestones, including sitting up like a champ, learning to clap and his first haircut.
We celebrated Ayyam-i-ha over March Break in Cape Breton.

Jacob cut his first tooth.
We spent Easter in New Brunswick with family.

Jacob and I enjoyed our first Mother's Day.

Jacob started crawling!
We travelled to Cape Breton to celebrate two good friends' wedding.
Jacob and Daddy celebrated Father's Day.
I got a new job at The Chronicle Herald.

Husband turned 27.
Jacob got to stay home for two whole months with Daddy.

Spent a week lake-side and pool-side with family in New Brunswick.
Jacob took his first steps.

Spent the long weekend in Cape Breton with family.
We celebrated Jacob's first birthday!

Husband and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary!
We carved pumpkins.

I turned 27.
We put in an offer on a house, and it was accepted!

We moved into our first house!
We spent the last week of the year with both sides of our big, happy family ... a perfect way to round out a wonderful 2011!

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