Friday, May 7, 2010

when preggos craft

Lovely friend HH and I got together this week for a much needed crafting reunion. Between my recent first trimester blahs and her new third trimester fatigue, we've been less than productive on our projects.

And while we made our very best efforts, our productivity was less-than-awesome on our most recent craft date too, but that doesn't mean we didn't have fun. It just means that we weren't always exactly coherent.

Me: "And then I said to her ..." [Crickets ... as my mind wanders into space]
HH: [Doesn't look up from her tray, where she's rolling handmade beads out of Sculpty]
Me: [After several seconds] "Ah ... what was I going to say?"
HH: "Umm ..."

Mushy baby brain does not equate stellar conversation.

Anyway, here's what I managed to do. I bought a pretty new yoga mat last week for a prenatal yoga workshop I'm taking, but it didn't come with a bag. There's one way to fix that.

I happened to have some lovely chocolate brown fabric for the bag and some matching green for the strap. Perfect, right?

That is, until I made the strap and completely sewed the bag without actually attaching said strap. Crickets ...

Oh well, I can still carry it just fine. And see how it fits in there just perfectly?

I left a little extra room in the top of the bag to stash a towel and water bottle.

Took about 15 minutes, and then I packed up my sewing supplies. That's enough effort for one day. HH continued to assemble her beads for several more minutes before we mutually retired to the couch, popsicles in hand, straining to stay awake to watch America's Next Top Model that was on at the horribly late hour of 9 p.m. ...

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  1. Haha this post is EXACTLY how it happened. We were quite the sorry pair that night. It's a good thing we weren't handling anything dangerous, like glueguns!